The Gravel Ghost

The Gravel Ghost is a blog I found about a flower. A wild flower that grows in deserts. It is fairly easy to navigate through. It has a links at the top to go to each page. It’s kind of boring looking to me when I first got onto it. Not very visually appealing at all, not fun looking. Not very informational, I don’t really get what she is trying to get at. The blog is boring, there is only one picture on the home page and the about page has one post explaining what a Gravel Ghost is. Her gallery page didn’t load so it was really boring for me, didn’t catch my attention at all. There is no bias it just has pictures. No obvious advertisements. It had pictures and maybe 1 or 2 links. I’m not sure if she accomplished whatever it is she tried to accomplish, I didn’t get the point of the blog to begin with. Link to The Gravel Ghost –> (



You guys know those Time magazines, you know the ones talking about the news? Well here’s the site for it called Time of course. Yes, easy navigation. Somewhat visually appealing, I’m not so much into the news. So that just kind threw off my interest in it. Informational? Yes. It’s talking about news, what’s going on in the world. Of course it’s going to be informational. It is boring to me, I don’t ever pay attention to the news. No bias, just talking about national and international things going on, good or bad. There are advertisements, like one to watch the Magic Mike trailer with Channing Tatum. Links, pictures, and yes videos; it’s a news website for goodness sakes, DUH. Whoever created the site, I’m sure they accomplished whatever that is they set out to do. They have lots of followers and they even have there own magazine for crying out loud. And here is the link to the site –> (

Savory Simple With Jennifer Farley

Another food blog, but this girl is a food photographer. I have never heard of a food photographer before. Easy navigation. It looks interesting to me, but yet again I like stuff like that and it had pictures and it kind of caught my attention. Somewhat informational; it talks about foods from lots of different places. Pretty interesting to me, I like food so yes..of course it’s going to be interesting to me. Free from bias, not one sided at all just talks about food. A couple of advertisements this time. Links, pictures, but no videos. I believe she accomplished whatever it is she tried to. Shares her thoughts and gets feedback. LINK –> (

Taste Of Colours

Taste Of Colours is a food site. She talks about food, and that colors make the world more interesting and tasty. Easy navigation, once again, I clicked a link that went straight to the site. The blog looks interesting with pictures everywhere and it’s very colorful. It was somewhat informational, I mean it gave recipes on different foods. It was interesting to me, I like cooking and stuff like that so I like the blog. Free from Bias, just talks about food, no one sided opinions. No obvious advertisements. There are no videos, but it has in site links and lots of pictures. She accomplished whatever it is she tried to accomplish, people love it and she shares her ideas with the world. Link is here –> (

A Blast From The Past

This blog is called A Blast From The Past and it’s about history. It was fairly easy for me to navigate seeings how I just clicked on a link on my site. The blog is okay, I didn’t find it very visually appealing it’s organized, just not attention grabbing. It was informational, it talks about the past, history, but not the stuff you learn in your History classes. The blog focuses on the little events in history that no one really pays attention to. A Blast From The Past wasn’t bias or one sided at all, it’s a neutral blog. There are no obvious advertisements of any kind, well at least I couldn’t find any. The history blog had pictures along with every post and links, there is a video page also. I believe the blogger accomplished whatever it is he tried to accomplished, people love his blog and he has won awards and he’s talking about history. Here is a link to A Blast From The Past –> (

Annoying Public Behaviors

Now, what are some annoying things people do? Hmmm, maybe its when they sing at the top of their lungs in the middle of a grocery store. When they repeat themselves over and over and over again. Ha, farting in an elevator, leaning over your shoulder and stare at your phone while your on it, and many many other things. We all have different opinions on what bothers us. Why don’t you share some with us in the comments below.
Featured image  My favorite one is while your texting or on your phone doing whatever, whoever is next to you starts looking at your phone like they belong there. Hm, well no. What I do everytime that happens, which seems to be all the time, I stop doing whatever it is I’m doing and just pause, sit there and look at them. They look up and look at me with that embarrassed “hi” look, and they don’t seem to listen though. Which just makes that even more annoying. Another thing I do is, if they are staring at my phone while I’m texting, I just type “This creep keeps looking over my shoulder at my phone”. Ha that gets to them and they end up stopping, but…it doesn’t seem to last forever. I hate that one, it always happens to me no matter what I do.

Inside scoop on Cold War

Okay, we all know about the Cold War right? But what about the inside stories and what their lives were like during that time. We don’t know that when that’s probably what we want to know, well I do. It was probably a terrible time to live in, with constant conflict and money being wasted on weapons we never used. The link below will take you to a site page talking about a Cold War orphan. The link after that will take you to a site page talking about how the Cold War affected everyday American life.

This is all interesting to me, I love history. I’m also from both ethnic sides I guess. My Grandfather on my mom’s side is full Russian, but he was adopted over to a different family. With the last name being Kraykovic, my Grandpa and his new family moved here to the U.S. He was a adopted and moved to the U.S. because his other family was associated with the Russian Mafia and it was just dangerous.



( This link will take you to Cold War documentary video’s. You can click on one the pieces of the documentary to watch. This will tell you more about the Cold War than what I can.

Now, is there anything you know about the Cold War?