Inside scoop on Cold War

Okay, we all know about the Cold War right? But what about the inside stories and what their lives were like during that time. We don’t know that when that’s probably what we want to know, well I do. It was probably a terrible time to live in, with constant conflict and money being wasted on weapons we never used. The link below will take you to a site page talking about a Cold War orphan. The link after that will take you to a site page talking about how the Cold War affected everyday American life.

This is all interesting to me, I love history. I’m also from both ethnic sides I guess. My Grandfather on my mom’s side is full Russian, but he was adopted over to a different family. With the last name being Kraykovic, my Grandpa and his new family moved here to the U.S. He was a adopted and moved to the U.S. because his other family was associated with the Russian Mafia and it was just dangerous.



( This link will take you to Cold War documentary video’s. You can click on one the pieces of the documentary to watch. This will tell you more about the Cold War than what I can.

Now, is there anything you know about the Cold War?


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