A Blast From The Past

This blog is called A Blast From The Past and it’s about history. It was fairly easy for me to navigate seeings how I just clicked on a link on my site. The blog is okay, I didn’t find it very visually appealing it’s organized, just not attention grabbing. It was informational, it talks about the past, history, but not the stuff you learn in your History classes. The blog focuses on the little events in history that no one really pays attention to. A Blast From The Past wasn’t bias or one sided at all, it’s a neutral blog. There are no obvious advertisements of any kind, well at least I couldn’t find any. The history blog had pictures along with every post and links, there is a video page also. I believe the blogger accomplished whatever it is he tried to accomplished, people love his blog and he has won awards and he’s talking about history. Here is a link to A Blast From The Past –> (https://allkindsofhistory.wordpress.com/)

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