The Gravel Ghost

The Gravel Ghost is a blog I found about a flower. A wild flower that grows in deserts. It is fairly easy to navigate through. It has a links at the top to go to each page. It’s kind of boring looking to me when I first got onto it. Not very visually appealing at all, not fun looking. Not very informational, I don’t really get what she is trying to get at. The blog is boring, there is only one picture on the home page and the about page has one post explaining what a Gravel Ghost is. Her gallery page didn’t load so it was really boring for me, didn’t catch my attention at all. There is no bias it just has pictures. No obvious advertisements. It had pictures and maybe 1 or 2 links. I’m not sure if she accomplished whatever it is she tried to accomplish, I didn’t get the point of the blog to begin with. Link to The Gravel Ghost –> (


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