Annoying Public Behaviors

Now, what are some annoying things people do? Hmmm, maybe its when they sing at the top of their lungs in the middle of a grocery store. When they repeat themselves over and over and over again. Ha, farting in an elevator, leaning over your shoulder and stare at your phone while your on it, and many many other things. We all have different opinions on what bothers us. Why don’t you share some with us in the comments below.
Featured image  My favorite one is while your texting or on your phone doing whatever, whoever is next to you starts looking at your phone like they belong there. Hm, well no. What I do everytime that happens, which seems to be all the time, I stop doing whatever it is I’m doing and just pause, sit there and look at them. They look up and look at me with that embarrassed “hi” look, and they don’t seem to listen though. Which just makes that even more annoying. Another thing I do is, if they are staring at my phone while I’m texting, I just type “This creep keeps looking over my shoulder at my phone”. Ha that gets to them and they end up stopping, but…it doesn’t seem to last forever. I hate that one, it always happens to me no matter what I do.