Sports: NFL’s football team, Dallas Cowboys, make a great uprise this season.

The Dallas Cowboys have been down in the rut lately with Tony Romo as their quarterback. Since Romo joined Dallas hasn’t even made it to the playoffs, but this season turns it all around. Tony Romo had back surgery after last season and now came back doing great. Dallas’s standings now are 12-4 and have made into the playoffs hopefully on our way to the Superbowl. Everybody I know has been talking about the Cowboys this season, whether its bad or good. I hope this huge comeback brings us all the way.

This topic is important because the Dallas Cowboys are my team and I am stoked to have them play this good. I am excited and just can’t to see if we make it all the way. The majority of my family are Dallas fans, so we are all just waiting to see what happens and hopefully its good.

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( This video will show you part of the wonderful game against the Detroit Lions.

Do you guys like sports? What sport? Do you have a favorite team? How do the Dallas Cowboys affect you this season?


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I am only going to torture you with this extremely long post because we have to had a video and practice the “more” tag. Yeah, I know insane right? Why yes it is, and now I am going to think a random video to link to this page. Sorry, post not page. Now, any ideas? No I didn’t think so.

Hmmm, lets add a dancing video in here yea? Okay, well then I have to think of stuff to tell you about dance. Well…there is the fact that I love dancing. I never took any dance classes to begin with, but apparently I have been dancing since I was little. If it counts I took a ballet type class when I was in some kind of daycare system, seemed like all the girls in there did. We never did any concerts and I remember at all anything we would’ve possibly learned. I can say I am pretty good. I’m not cocky about it but I am pretty confident. When I see the Broncadettes, sorry “BHS dance crew”, dance I think to myself “all you are doing is looking pretty”. They don’t really dance very good. I tell myself, “I can do better than that if they just let me do it, but nope. You have to have some odd amount of years of dance to even try out. Well you know what, those 6 years of being in Diva Dance or Downtown Dance obviously didn’t pay off like you all thought it would. I dare you to read this post!

News Article Comparison

The article I liked better overall was the 1st one. They were sure he was going to be okay. Their coach said Murray is a tough guy and that he’ll be good. Plus that game was the game we had to win and we did good.

I would recommend someone to read that 1st article.

News Article #2

With DeMarco Murray’s hand injury, they are not worried if he isn’t able to play the next game against the Indianapolis Colts. The game against Philadelphia, when Murray broke his ring finger, was the must-win game for them. If he can’t play against Indianapolis, they are going to put in Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar to play. The game against the Colts really isn’t that big of deal for them this season. “Neither is as physical or as good as Murray, don’t fool yourself, but for one game they’re capable of combining for close to 100 yards behind one of the NFL’s best offensive lines.” says the news reporter.

I found this article on the same website, ESPN ( This article was written by Jean-Jacques Taylor. I thought it was well written. My favorite part is how they are confident they’re going to be just fine. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the article.

News Article

The Dallas Cowboys running back, DeMarco Murray had surgery on his left hand. Murray had broken his fourth metacarpal bone in his hand. Dallas’s coach, Jason Garrett, questioned whether he would be able to continue playing his position on the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett said, and I quote, “He’s as strong-willed and as determined an individual as I’ve ever been around, and if anyone has a chance to come back, he does.” Dallas’s owner said, “I haven’t been shown examples of where someone has had an injury like this. It’s no uncommon….All of those things, it’s conceivable to me, it’s not unrealistic that it could work with him being ready.”

I found this article on ESPN ( Todd Archer was the reporter if this incident and the information came from ESPN’s Ed Werder. In my opinion the article was nicely written. My favorite part of this is that Murray’s hand could possibly heal before their next game. Now, the part I didn’t necessarily like about this article is how they were just going to throw him into the game without even making sure it’d be all the way healed.